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WPS Fire & Security provide industry-leading with all round building protection with our top of the range security systems. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding protection to people, property and premises.


WPS Fire & Security is a commercial business security specialist based in North Yorkshire with a national reach. We specialise in installing, maintaining, and remote monitoring quality CCTV systems, including detector activated and next-generation IP and video analytic innovations. Whether you require a single camera or a multi-site installation integrated with your access control and intruder/fire alarm system, we'll design a tailored approach to your exact surveillance system requirements the meets the highest standards.

CCTV 360° Service

System Design

We can provide a complete fire alarm system design, all in accordance with the British Standards BS5839.

We recognise all buildings/premises differ vastly in size, complexity and fundamental needs. With this in mind, WPS Fire & Security Ltd are trained to offer a comprehensive service from the first contact through each stage of the design process, including site surveys, written specifications and quotations, layout plans and representations, ultimate and optimum device and system selection taking into account false alarm reduction to arrive at the most suitable and cost-effective design option possible.

If required, we can provide a BAFE Sp203 certification and can carry out a fire alarm system design as part of a complete installation and commissioning or just a design element on its own.


Our fire alarm installation team has built up a great working relationship with many clients, including building companies, contractors, facility management companies, and property developers, to ensure our fire alarms solutions deliver on time, on budget, and safely. We can carry out all aspects of fire alarm works from minor alterations to large networked addressable systems, including graphic interfacing, to produce a live display of a building layout.

All our fire alarm work is carried out in compliance with the current standards and certificated upon completion. We would always install open protocol equipment (unless specified) as we aim to provide an after service that clients would want to stay with rather than just being tied to a closed protocol system.


Fire Alarm System Commissioning is defined in BS5839-1 as the process which involves thorough testing of an installed system to ensure it operates correctly in accordance with the recommendations of the standard and project specification, part of this is often testing interfacing to 3rd party systems such as gas shut off valves, elevators, automatic dialler units and other safety systems. Our commissioning engineers can commission small conventional panels to large addressable systems, providing BAFE certification upon completion. We can offer to commission as part of a complete design and install package or just commissioning your installation. During this process, it is essential to hand over the new installation to the client with clear instructions and training to operate the system confidently.


WPS provide three contract service levels of quality fire alarm maintenance, monitoring and support for absolute peace-of-mind. Regardless of the age or type of your fire detection system, at WPS Fire & Security, we have the breadth of knowledge to keep your fire alarm well maintained and in peak working order.

In line with the latest industry requirements, York-based WPS Fire and Security will help you ensure you're meeting the ever-increasing legal obligations surrounding fire alarm maintenance and monitoring. Our process control system automatically schedules pre-booked maintenance visits according to industry regulations, ensuring that you're always one step ahead of your legal obligations.

Intruder Alarms

When dealing with intruder alarm systems, WPS Fire & Security have the experience and knowledge to assist and guide you towards selecting the correct intruder alarm system solution for you. WPS install your system to the best professional standards and provide a remote monitoring service from an ARC (alarm receiving centre) remote monitoring station.

At WPS Fire & Security, we feel it is vitally important for our customers to have an appropriately designed Intruder Alarm System, not only for your peace of mind but also to meet legislation that insurance companies demand and to enable a URN to be assigned to a system.

A URN (unique reference number) is the code assigned to an installation that will only be granted for fully compliant systems. This enables your system, site, and premises to be remotely monitored by an ARC and provide a police response when the system is activated.

Access Control

WPS Fire & Security install and maintain a wide range of access control systems to suit your specific site and provide a safer and more secure environment for you and your employees.

An access control system allows you to control who has access to your premises. Access control systems can operate doors, gates and barriers and are available in various installations such as telephone and video entry systems or computer-controlled systems operated by magnetic cards or proximity readers.

These security systems can be installed in a variety of premises, including offices, factories and industrial sites, schools and colleges, hospitals, hotels and care homes. An access control system can also be connected to Building Management Systems (BMS).

Intercom Systems

Commercial intercoms are an important part of a business' security system, especially if you own or manage an office building, apartment complex, school, car dealership or catering hall. Many companies see high traffic levels and lack the security measures to protect customers, tenants, school children and employees. Regardless of your business type, WPS Fire & Security can help you determine the right type of intercom system for your building.

Intercom systems create a safe environment and help increase the security of your business or commercial property. They allow you to give access to people to your building or to parts of your building simply through voice communications. Intercom systems can also have multiple remote points with a central communications monitor point, which allows a single individual to receive calls from different locations.


When one of our CCTV systems is coupled with our highly tailored remote monitoring service, we can provide the peace of mind you need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using our purpose-built, in-house central monitoring station manned by our fully qualified, SIA-licensed professional monitoring staff, we are fully equipped and ready to respond to any incident occurring on your site. At the very heart of our service is the award-winning Immix video alarm receiving platform, which allows us to respond to incidents within moments of their occurrence.

We can also provide mobile app monitoring, allowing you to connect from anywhere in the world, rapid response after an intrusion has been detected on your site, and timelapse recording for site builds.

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WPS Fire & Security have emerged as one of the leading fire and security service providers in the UK. Here you can keep up to date with the very latest ongoing and completed projects.

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